A Columbarium is an affordable above-ground burial space, made up of niches designed to hold urns containing the cremated remains of loved ones. The purpose of a cremation niche is to give the family a place to visit their loved ones who have passed on. Names and dates of your loved ones are engraved on the granite cover of the niche.

Inurnment in Immanuel's Columbarium is available to members or former members of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School and their families, past and present employees of the church or school and their families, past and present pastors and their family members, and any other persons with connections to the church, school, or members thereof, as approved by the Columbarium Committee.  Please click on the links below for more information, payment plans, and application.

If you have questions, please contact one of the Columbarium Committee members, Gerald or Linda Austin, at (970) 686-5939 or 

Schedule of Fees:

Application for Niche:

Inurnment Rights & Bylaws

Large Niche Installment Payment Agreement:

Small Niche Installment Payment Agreement:

Choosing an Urn

Niche Layout:

Wording Layouts:





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