Education Hour

Join us Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:20 for our Education Hour.

For Children

Sunday School

For all children in Preschool through 6th Grade

Join Miss Martha in the Children's Ministry Room (#113) for singing, a Bible lesson, crafts, activities, and, of course, fun!

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For Youth

Middle School

Confirmation classes

High School Bible Study

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Christian Faith Informational Class

Immanuel 101

Pastor Glen's next Immanuel 101 class will be starting on Sunday, February 26th. This class will provide an opportunity to learn more about what we believe and teach here at Immanuel as we cover some of the basic foundational elements of our ministry together. This is open to people new to Immanuel as well as those who would appreciate a refresher in the basics of our Christian faith.

Led by Pastor Glen in Room 112.

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Adult Education Hour

Spring 2023: Classes April 2nd to May 14th

Bible 103: New Class!

Location: LWML Room #36

Teacher/Facilitator: Jim Found 

The Lord encourages us to use His Word to equip us to face daily challenges and uses the analogy  “the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God” “to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.”  Join us in this survey of God’s Word, Genesis to Revelation, as we “sharpen our swords.” The Bible is not only the inspired Word of God (and according the Martin Luther, the “cradle of Christ”) is also God’s Story of His plan to create, deliver, redeem, save, and transform the people He loves.  The Bible is God’s unfolding revelation of God restoring all of His perfect creation.  Jim Found will be teaching this “basics of the Bible” class which will give to every participant a thorough overview of God’s revelation through His Word.  Our world is a treacherous place, filled with temptation, fears, divisions, and struggles against the devil’s spiritual forces. This course is one of the CORE classes in Immanuel’s Adult Education - Discipleship Training Strategy.  We encourage everyone to join this class not only for a good opportunity to renew your love for the Bible but also to learn new ways of studying the scriptures that are sure to enhance your life as a disciple of Jesus.

Grieving and the Follower of Jesus: New Class

Location: Sanctuary

Various teachers including Pastor Glen, Pastor Robin, Pastor Ed, Lori Aadsen, and Kathy Schlecht

No one would debate the reality of loss in life.  In other words, everyone experiences grief.  There have been some tragedies of late in our faith community here in Loveland. We have celebrated the lives and sought after the Spirit of God for comfort and peace at the passing of numerous people over the past year.  As we have been seeking God's peace in the midst of these times of grieving, we sensed that maybe you would be struggling in a similar manner.  All of us deal with grief...there are losses daily, some large and some small.  Every loss is accompanied by an appropriate amount of grief.  We seek God for healing in those situations, bringing us His peace that can pass understanding.  But there are also things that we CAN DO in the lives of people who are experiencing grief.  This class will review the reality of grief and loss.  In addition, we will offer practical as well as a helpful information about how to navigate seasons of grief as well as how to love and support someone walking the path of grief.  Our teachers will each bring a unique perspective on this important topic ranging from an overview of stages of grieving, to praying through loss; from a “pastor’s perspective,” to our promise of HOPE in the midst of death and loss.

Tactics: Continues!

Location: Room #205

Teacher/Facilitator: Joe Sarr

“Tactics” is a book that has encouraged many Christ followers in their faith and their ability to  develop a “game plan” for defending their faith and artfully communicating the truths of Christianity with confidence and grace.  Though this class was offered a few years ago, the book is now an expanded edition and includes updates as well as further development of existing tactics, as well as the addition of an all-new tactic and a chapter on Mini Tactics filled with simple maneuvers to aid in discussions.  In a culture increasingly indifferent or even hostile to Christian truth, followers of Christ need to be equipped to communicate with those who do not speak their language or accept their source of authority.  In this class, Joe Sarr will guide you on how to artfully regain control of conversations, keeping them moving forward in constructive ways through thoughtful diplomacy. You'll learn how to:  meet challenges, questions, and provocations with poise and conviction; effortlessly start your own faith conversations; present God’s truth clearly, cleverly, and persuasively; graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking and logical fallacies; and most important, you'll learn how to get people thinking seriously about Jesus.

The Psalms: Continues!

Location: Church Library

Teacher/Facilitator: Pastor Al Schroeder & Jerry Austin

Are you happy with your prayer life? Do you want to learn to pray with more confidence? Good news! The Book of Psalms is the Prayer Book in the Bible. It's for all Christians to learn how to pray.  In praying the psalms we can gain instruction for living a good life. In these we probe God's will and find insight and understanding. One of today's most desperate needs that people are searching for is to find meaning in our daily lives. These are difficult times for us. We are meant to engage with God daily to strengthen our relationship with our Father, with our Savior and Lord Jesus, and gain the guidance promised by the Holy Spirit.  The study of the Book of Psalms will continue with Pastor Al Schroeder and Jerry Austin on Sundays in the library upstairs.

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Adult Education Summer Term – dates to be announced

“Reading, Studying, and Applying the Bible” – Pastor Robin, Teacher

“Understanding a Christian Worldview” – Pastor Robin, Greg Northrup, Teachers





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