Education Hour

Join us for our Education Hour!

Labor Day - Mid-May: Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:20

For Children

Sunday School

For all children in Preschool through 6th Grade.

  • Infant/Toddler Class: Room 110, with music, a Bible story, and time to play.
  • Sunday School Opening: All Preschool-4th Graders start in Room 113 for opening. After Opening, children go to their age-appropriate classes as follows:
  • Preschool Class: Room 109, 3-, 4-, & 5-year-olds, a Bible story, craft, snack, and play.
  • Kindergarten-2nd Grade Class: Room 108, Kindergarten through 2nd Graders, a Bible story, game, craft, and snack.
  • 3rd-4th Grade Class: Room 113, 3rd and 4th Graders Bible story, game, activity, craft, and snack.
  • Bridge56: Room 204, 5th and 6th graders
  • Lord’s Supper Class: Room 205, 5th grade and up (Pastor Glen teaching)

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For Youth

Middle School

Confirmation classes:

7th grade in Room 202
8th grade in Room 203

High School Bible Study

High School students meet in Room 201. Want more information? Contact Marcus, our Youth Director, at

Christian Faith Informational Class

Immanuel 101

Curious about who we are at Immanuel? Wondering what we believe and teach? Wanting to formally join Immanuel? Immanuel 101 is a 9-week class where those questions can be answered. There is no obligation to join after attending the class, but you will be given the opportunity to do so. The next Immanuel 101 will be starting on February 4th, 2024 during the Education Hour in room 112 (look for the signs!). If you or someone you know would be interested in attending the class, let Pastor Glen know so he can have enough materials prepared.

Led by Pastor Glen in Room 112.

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Adult Education Hour

2024 Winter Classes

“The Gospel of Luke”

Location: Room #206 - upstairs

Teacher/Facilitator: Pastor Robin

This class will continue in winter starting January 7th. The Gospel of Luke stands out among the four gospel stories of Jesus in unique, various ways. It is not only the longest of the Gospels, but it starts tracing Jesus’ life earlier than any other biblical narrative. Only Luke reveals anything about Jesus’ childhood. Only Luke describes Jesus’ family’s visit to Jerusalem when he was 12 years old. Only Luke has many of Jesus’ key teachings through parables. Luke’s story of Jesus is from a historical perspective that makes it perfect for us to study how the gospel is relevant to us and our times and world. In our Adult Education ministry, we are committed to having at least one, ongoing Bible Study open weekly for any adult who is interested in learning more about God’s Word. Pastor Robin will be leading this study this fall for 8 weeks. There will be plenty of new insights to learn as well as ample time for discussion as we grow in Jesus together.

Soteriology“Theology 102 (Soteriology)”

Location: Room #36

Teacher/Facilitator: Pastor Ed Seely

This class will begin in late February. It will be an extensive review of a key element in Christian theological teaching/understanding – the doctrine of salvation and its implications in our lives. This class will last for 8 weeks.  Questions? Email Pastor Ed (

Introduction to the Book of Genesis“The Foundations - The Book of Genesis”

Location: Room #36

Teacher/Facilitator: Pastor Greg and Lindy Hafeman

“The Foundations – The Book of Genesis” Video Study Series (12 Weeks) is a new class that will be taught by Pastor Greg and Lindy Hafeman continuing January 7th in room 36 Is your faith built upon the “rock of God’s Word,” or the “sand” of man’s opinion? The Foundations DVD series reflects Ken Ham’s lifework in affirming the authority of God’s Word (Ham is the founder of Answers in Genesis, The Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum). Through studying God’s Word, listening to Ken Ham, and lively group discussions, you will be challenged and equipped to stand on the Word of God and defend it with confidence and boldness!

Home | Marriage in Christ“Marriage in Christ”

Location: Church Library

Teacher/Facilitator: Pastor Greg and Lindy Hafeman

This class will be taught by Paul and Gail Hein beginning January 24th for six weeks. This is a great opportunity for married couples to grow together in Jesus and His love. Talk to Paul and Gail about this exciting and meaningful series. Contact Paul or Gail if you have questions (

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